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The Orlando-area Transportation & Development Institute, or T&DI, was formerly known as the Transportation Technical Group, within the East Central Branch.  The local T&DI was established in 2008 as a chapter of the national Institute, to further advance the agenda of the national umbrella organization.  The primary function is to provide support and educational opportunities for professionals in the diverse field of transportation engineering and urban development/planning.  This is accomplished through monthly luncheon programs, networking opportunities, committees, scholarship support, and special-topic outreach campaigns on political or community issues of common interest.  The functions of the local T&DI are governed by a local committee, chaired by Frank Caruso of Lochrane Engineering, which is open to membership to all local interested professionals in the field.  

An annual highlight is the Capital Improvement Program Luncheon held each October, where representatives of statewide and local agencies are invited to present the major projects in their annual CIP.  Upwards of 200 local members will attend the annual CIP luncheon.  

Community service has also been a key function of the local group, with members supporting the Orlando Science Center, Habitat for Humanity, Adopt-a-Road, the local Engineers Week Banquet awards, and others. 

The history of the Transportation Technical Group, as a subsidiary of the East Central Branch of ASCE, is much longer than the T&DI.  It was established as early as 1970, as the largest of the four specialty technical groups, and has had a very active committee from the start.  Many of the chairmen of the Transportation Group have gone on to serve in the Branch’s officer chain, producing many Branch Presidents, including Jimmy Allison, Greg Smith, Frank Caruso, Tom Caffery, and others, representing many engineering companies, large and small, national and local.  Many representatives of local and state agencies have served on the Committee over the years.  This involvement has fostered informal relationships that deepen the cooperative spirit within the local transportation professional community.  It has been said that “it is small circles that we run in”, and the laterals and promotions within local engineering offices is prime evidence of that. The T&DI and local governing committee welcome the participation of any local interested transportation professionals.​​

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