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The Mission of the American Society of Civil Engineers is to “Deliver value to our members, advance civil engineering, and protect the public health, safety, and welfare”. East Central Branch, with its large group of passionate and involved leaders takes this Mission to heart, and through a busy calendar, has been able to host a variety of social and technical events that not only provide an occasion for our members to socialize, but also provide thousands of dollars for scholarships directed towards civil engineering students.

Every year East Central Branch provides several scholarships to local civil engineering students who partake in our engineering community and who distinguish themselves for their interest in civil engineering and their academic results. This past September, during our Annual Installation Luncheon we presented five $1,100 scholarships, thanks to the support received by our community. The Branch also started the "ECB Legacy Endowment Scholarship" which provided an additional $500 to the top applicant for the Branch Scholarship. In addition to the scholarships provided directly by the Branch, numerous other scholarships are presented each year by the very active local Institutes.

Congratulations to the 2023 Branch Scholarship recipients!

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